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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

  • Admin's photo stream on Flickr (bob)

  • Admin's photo stream on Flickr (Jamie)

  • Our newest feature to our blog is a slideshow picture feature. If you run your mouse above the pictures you will find controls for the picture display. If you click the picture, you can view it individually. We hope you enjoy the show.

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  • MagicDonkey's Home on Flickr

  • SlideShow of Flickr's best

  • Kris Kros Gallery

  • Kris Kros And High Dynamic Range Photography

  • Kris Kros blog

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    Posted by B O B | 4:36 AM | E-mail this post

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    Flickr's best?! How about flickr's most boring. Here's a hint. Anytime you see HDR photography you know you are looking at some painfully boring images.

    Posted by Anonymous tim | 11:20 AM   

    remarcabile fotografii de arta

    Posted by Anonymous anastasia | 2:10 PM   

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